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Brilliant Solutions

For Every Facet of Your Electricity Business

DGC est un leader mondial de la production d'électricité et des services énergétiques sûrs et propres.

Nous sommes une filiale en propriété exclusive de Mitsubishi Corporation, l'une des plus grandes entreprises commerciales intégrées au monde.

Generating Brilliant Solutions is What We Do

If you’re looking for an edge in today’s complex electricity markets, DGLLC's full spectrum of services offers what you need. Whether it’s a turnkey power project to meet growing demand, a renewable energy project, or customized services to enhance your IPP operations, DGLLC has solutions tailored to your objectives.

The DGLLC team understands power generation based on our owner / operator / trader experience. We share this experience by providing turnkey project solutions for investors - and a range of specific energy services as required. Our teams of professionals provide third-party asset management and operations & maintenance services for clients in the US and Mexico. Our core capabilities include:


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Services à spectre complet pour les compagnies d'électricité

20+ Years of Successful North American Energy Management, Operations & Ownership in Natural Gas, Wind, and Battery Storage

Dynamic, Forward Thinking Leadership

Our people are seasoned industry experts who bring one thing to every project:


    The Energy to Succeed

Turnkey Solutions That Deliver Performance

We participate in the full lifecycle of energy projects and successfully develop, own, operate and manage assets across the spectrum of energy technologies:

  • Investor & lender relations​

  • Managerial reporting​

  • Corporate compliance​

  • Management corporate legal services​

  • Insurance Management & optimization policies​

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