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Sentinel Energy Center

North Palm Springs, CA

The Sentinel Energy Center is an 850-megawatt (MW) natural gas, simple-cycle electric peaking generating station located in the LA Basin area of California. It is the largest plant of its kind in the world with eight state-of-the-art General Electric (GE) LMS100 aeroderivative combustion turbines.

Sentinel supports California’s increasing emphasis on renewable energy by providing flexible capacity that can start and stop on demand in response to fluctuations in supply from intermittent renewable electricity sources such as wind and solar. Sentinel is also currently developing a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on the site with its excess interconnect capacity.

California’s population growth continually increases the need for clean, efficient electricity generation facilities. The ability of Sentinel enables the reliable integration and expansion of intermittent renewable resources such as wind and solar facilities, by producing sufficient electricity to stabilize the grid and power the entire Coachella Valley.

850 MW

DGC Role
DGC Ownership


Nominal Capacity

Ownership / O&M (DGC Operations, LLC)


Natural Gas, Simple-Cycle Peaker


15775 Melissa Lane North Palm Springs, CA 92258

Commercial Operation Date:


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