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Project Development

Driven by Lessons Learned and Market Insight

As a frequent owner and operator of the assets we develop, we focus on creating long-term successful outcomes for our shareholders and our host communities.

Our Development Team Looks For:

  • Unencumbered, environmentally benign sites

  • A stable and inherently reliable fuel supply

  • Opportunities for successful partnering

  • Strong, local, load-serving entities committed to bilaterally beneficial power contracts

  • Access to electrical transmission and growing electrical demand

  • Merchant markets with established and growing needs for electrical energy along with stable regulatory structures allowing for the transparent trading of energy, capacity and ancillary services

Activities We Perform in Finding & Developing Power Generation Opportunities Include:

  • Identifying market opportunities

  • Technology and site selection

  • Facility licensing

  • Land and right-of-way acquisitions

  • Environmental and land use permitting

  • Financial structuring, debt financing and tax equity financing

  • Management of engineering, construction and commissioning

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