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Operations & Maintenance

Peak Plant Performance, Excellent Safety & Compliance

DGC Operations, LLC provides comprehensive, third-party operations & maintenance ("O&M") services for power generation owners across North America.

Our operations team leverages our proven programs, practices and procedures to ensure plant safety, reliability and regulatory compliance. These practices are conducted with the same dedication we use for our own assets.

Optimizing the performance of a power-generating facility requires technical expertise, business acumen and a proactive, can-do attitude. Our highly experienced teams focus on the fundamentals: safety, reliability, compliance and budget - while delivering plant performance and providing financial insight.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Daily plant operations and routine maintenance

  • Training and qualifications

  • Performance monitoring and diagnostics

  • Effective budget control for operating and capital expenditures

  • Create O&M manuals and procedures

  • Procurement services

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System ("CMMS") integration

  • Plan and manage major overhauls and maintenance

  • Supervise contractors, vendors and visitors

  • Prepare and maintain logs and records

  • Optimize scheduling and dispatch

Safety, Environmental & Regulatory Compliance

  • Environmental, Safety and Governance ("ESG") program development and reporting

  • Training program development

  • Permit compliance management for air/water/waste

  • NERC, FERC, DOE, and other Federal, State, District compliance requirements

  • Regulatory testing, inspections and calibrations

Mobilization & Commissioning

  • Owner technical assistance

  • Financial closing support

  • Permitting completion

  • Contract negotiations

  • Mobilization plan development

  • Spare inventory system implementation

  • Safety and environmental compliance and procedures manual development

  • Administrative procedures manual development

  • IT platform implementation

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