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WildFlower Energy Support Veterans

Updated: May 10, 2022

The Wildflower Energy team is making an impact throughout San Diego County & beyond, raising $1000.00 in support of the VFW Motorcycle Club!

DGCLLC employees are giving back to their communities and making a big difference in the lives of veterans.

“I’m proud to say the Wildflower Energy team has collected donations of $1,000.00 this year. On Saturday, October 23rd during our annual fundraiser, we presented our check for $3,000.00.

WFE collected $1000.00 then DGC-Ops and DGC matched it. It’s been a busy year & I want to thank my team at Wildflower Energy for making a difference in the Veteran community.

Next year we will be fully engaged and supporting Military Suicide Awareness. 22 Veterans commit suicide each DAY and we feel we have the power to help and create change. We hope you will help and join us in 2022 to make a difference."

- Mike Carpenter, Plant Manager, Wildflower Energy LP

"We hope you will help & join us in 2022 to make a difference.”

A passionate member of the veterans community, Mike is committed to helping veterans and raising funds for The VFW Motorcycle Club.

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